WORK. We offer a turnkey solution - our operators will come to your event and stream everything perfectly, without any installations and setting headache, everything is taken care of

QUALITY. Our style is high-quality sound and multi-camera picture, immersing in the atmosphere of the event

EASINESS. We do not offer rentals, tips or guides. We don't like or provide zoom broadcasts/streaming (you will not find any good ones that will work flawlessly and effortlessly)


We can also provide PHOTO and VIDEO service for your event.

PHOTO + VIDEO packages start from $1399



We are a team of photographers and videographers and have been working for a variety of different multicultural weddings and other events for over 10 years. Our experience allows us to guarantee the highest quality and reliability of video broadcasts specifically for your event (no worries, we just look young lol)

Our advantages

Get a turnkey solution

No rent, уou wont need to read any tips or guides

Shooting with multiple cameras

So that the viewer can feel the effect of their own presence at the event

Broadcast to youtube or facebook

Without installing apps, even on your granparent’s TV

Unlimited number of guests

While our record is 877 viewers at the same time

We guarantee a great and unbeatable sound

Using multiple microphones

Storing the broadcast for 1 year after the wedding

Everyone will have time to see and rewatch the event